Enjoying Nature on New Year’s Day


In spite of the cold weather, the first day of the new year was a great time to visit one of my favorite parks located in the outskirts of the city. I got a chance to walk along the lake and take photos of the geese and ducks as they swam in the cold water. It seemed to be so enjoyable to them. Some geese were swimming in the water while the other geese chose to rest on the shore. One duck swam to the shore and disturbed the others as it chose to groom himself constantly. Another duck decided to leave the shore since the spot was no longer peaceful.

This year I look forward to visiting the park to enjoy the geese and ducks as well as other resources available. The ducks are a big reason why I love to go to the park. I will make sure that I have my camera ready to capture their activities and unexpected moves during my visits.


Photo taken by Shirley Brittenum (01.01.2014).

Written: January 13, 2014.