Winter’s Unpredictable Temperatures

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Last week, we had snow and ice with freezing temperatures. It was so bad outside until many schools and businesses were closed, again. Just like for my birthday, I was off work for two days.

However, this week it is much different. We have had spring-like weather all week long. There have been temperatures in the 60s each day. Some of the days, it has been raining.

I am looking forward to the days when we do not have to wear a coat. It will be good to dress in lighter clothing and brighter colors.

It will be good to get back to walking on the trails. Maybe, I will get a bike to add to my exercise routine. This time I hope to make it happen. It will be a lot of fun.


Snow and Ice

This week was a busy week for our city as we braved the snow and ice. It was very cold. Many of us did not go to school or work for a few days. In fact, I only worked for eight plus hours.

The snow and ice was melted by the rain that started on Friday night. We got a brief rise in temperatures overnight and on Saturday morning. However, it is cold again on Saturday night. season. Also, it may snow again in a few days. We will just have to wrap up until we can see warmer temperatures. All of this comes with the winter season.

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! A salute to all my plants – indoors and outdoors! I love plants. They are faithful if you treat them with care. Plants grow constantly as a sign of approval! As usual, I must take a picture of one of my dearest outdoor plants. It has grown so rapidly since Spring arrived.


Originally Posted 04/22/2014.

Snow-Covered Ground


I woke up this morning to a snow-covered ground.  The weather announcers got it right this time.  There was a forecast for snow throughout the night until 6:00 a.m.  I took a few pictures with my mobile phone.  I usually take pictures each time it snows.  The pictures show that the snow covered the ground a little.  It’s fun to look back at the past winter scenes.  Hopefully, the streets are not icy.  Icy streets in our city are always a big problem.  In fact, the drivers can barely drive in the rain, not to mention driving in the snow.  The expected temperature is 41 degrees, so there is a chance that it won’t last long.  In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the scenery while I can.

Enjoying Nature on New Year’s Day


In spite of the cold weather, the first day of the new year was a great time to visit one of my favorite parks located in the outskirts of the city. I got a chance to walk along the lake and take photos of the geese and ducks as they swam in the cold water. It seemed to be so enjoyable to them. Some geese were swimming in the water while the other geese chose to rest on the shore. One duck swam to the shore and disturbed the others as it chose to groom himself constantly. Another duck decided to leave the shore since the spot was no longer peaceful.

This year I look forward to visiting the park to enjoy the geese and ducks as well as other resources available. The ducks are a big reason why I love to go to the park. I will make sure that I have my camera ready to capture their activities and unexpected moves during my visits.


Photo taken by Shirley Brittenum (01.01.2014).

Written: January 13, 2014.